Working in the defence industry is something we wear on our sleeves with pride. The strict requirements in both quality and efficiency are something we’re truly proud to have mastered enough to secure a long-standing partnership with the UK MOD and BAE Land Systems. Learn more about our work in the defence sector and the cooling solutions we can offer you in the near future in this article.

History of our Defence Work

We have worked in the defence sector since 2006. Our first major project was a complete redesigned for the CVRT range of cooling vehicles, resulting in a net performance improvement. The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance line are some of the most widely used in the field, serving as highly-mobile and efficient first-line vehicles inn a variety of roles. From the Anti-tank Striker and dependable Scorpion to the FV105 Sultan, the mobile briefing room, NASR Group is providing the advanced cooling solutions that keep our boys going. Our Cooling solutions ensured these vehicles remained cool and reliable out in the toughest areas.

Since our work on the CVRT range of fighting vehicles, we have continued to work closely with the UK MOD and others in the defence sector. We are responsible for the designing, manufacturing and supplying of a vast array of top-quality cooling solutions across the modern military.

2011 saw the finalisation of our vehicle workshop. Our fully trained technicians work tirelessly in here to design and install complete cooling and HVAC systems for a variety of vehicles. This includes everything from military to automotive sectors.

Our Military Cooling Solutions On Offer

NAR Group is home to advanced cooling solutions, include bespoke radiators and more. We offer an incredible range of cooling solutions for a wide range of defence vehicles on all terrains. We design, manufacture and install a variety of cooling systems and parts, including:

  • Air Coolers
  • Charged Air Coolers
  • HVAC
  • Hydraulic Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Radiators
  • Specialised Electronics Cooling

All of our advanced cooling solutions for sale allow your defence vehicles to easily cope with the conditions of the field, from dust and mud to the most extreme of temperatures. To ensure your vehicles are efficient and ready to take on any threat, trust NAR Group to supply your cooling system.


NAR Group hopes this guide has shown you the extent of our work in the UK Defence Sector and proved to you the immense pride we can take within it. Our advanced cooling solutions for sale are renowned across multiple industries, from motorsport to remanufacturing (which you can read more about here). NAR Group can design a complete, complex and efficient cooling solution for your needs in the defence sector and across the UK. For expert, advanced cooling solutions for your Vehicles: Browse our range today or contact us.