How to Identify and Repair a Leaking Classic Car Radiator Leak

Classic cars are a testament to timeless beauty and craftsmanship but are sometimes challenging to maintain. One such challenge is dealing with leaking radiators. It is a common issue in vintage cars, but it is easy to identify and repair the problem. Let's explore how to identify a leaking classic car radiator and walk you

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The Eco-Friendly Appeal of Aluminium Radiators

As classic car enthusiasts, you know that the pursuit of automotive excellence goes hand in hand with preserving the environment. Your love for sporty hatchbacks like the Ford Fiesta XR2, luxurious icons like the Jaguar E-Type, and quirkier classics like the MG-B is not just about nostalgia—it's also about embracing a greener future. One critical

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Cleaning of Header Tanks: Essential Tips for Optimal Car Cooling

The Header Tank: An Essential Part of A Car’s Cooling System The header tank plays a crucial role in maintaining the car’s cooling system by ensuring the engine runs efficiently and preventing it from overheating. In places where the climate is unpredictable and temperatures fluctuate, proper maintenance and cleaning of header tanks are paramount to

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The Role of Coolant in Keeping Your Car Radiator Running Smoothly

The radiator in your car is an essential, but often overlooked, component that is critical for optimal engine performance. Sitting at the heart of the cooling system the radiator ensures that your car stays cool as it heats up and that it can heat up if it starts off cold. But like every heart, the

Five Reasons a Copper Brass Radiator Core is Best For Your Vehicle

A car radiator is designed to exchange the hot air from the engine with cool air from outside, allowing the whole system to be constantly cooled and maintain a safe working temperature. A Copper Radiator uses a copper core as an efficient heat exchange. As copper is highly conductive, the heat is transferred into the

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What Are The Most Expensive Car Repairs?

Your car is likely your second largest asset after your house or property, and like any large investment, it becomes important that we properly manage and maintain it to avoid the cost of replacing or fixing it. So we (should) take our cars for their yearly service, but as long as it has passed an

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Winter Car Issues You Can’t Ignore

With Winter officially arriving as of December 1st, the weather will only continue to get colder. We want to help ensure you stay safe on the road and that your car or vehicle stays functional throughout the winter months. Today we are going to walk you through common issues that arise around wintertime and how

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Preparing Your Cars Cooling System Ahead of Winter

As winter approaches and the temperatures drop it is important to understand how to look after your vehicle through the colder months. As radiator specialists, we understand just how important cooling is to the function of the engine. So, here today, we have a general guide for the average person to understand the importance of

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6 Automotive Innovators Throughout History

We here at the NARGroup have unlimited passion for innovation. From our work on classic sports cars, to innovating and redesigning cooling systems, to our on-going work with the Ministry of Defence, we have followed a path of excellence and innovation since our inception. Our passion for cars and the automotive industry doesn’t just stop

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Defense Specialists for the most Demanding Environments

Ever since our inception in 1967, NAR Group Ltd has been the forefront in specialist cooling systems and replacement radiators for classic cars. As we continued to improve upon our craft and upon the original parts we have worked with, our expertise and vision has grown with the years allowing us to deepen our work

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