Ever since our inception in 1967, NAR Group Ltd has been the forefront in specialist cooling systems and replacement radiators for classic cars. As we continued to improve upon our craft and upon the original parts we have worked with, our expertise and vision has grown with the years allowing us to deepen our work and extend ourselves into many other sectors.

55 years on and we are still pushing the boundaries of design, manufacture and fabrication of advanced cooling solutions for both the automotive and defense industries. Our name is now synonymous with innovation, precision, expertise and quality, and that reputation has landed us the honour of receiving contracts from the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Babcock Land Defense to help serve our country and support our troops over seas in any and every way we can.

Ministry of Defense Contract

The Ministry of Defense are the frontline of all our defense departments that serve to protect and keep safe this wonderful country we all call home. As NAR Group Ltd has grown we have been able to fulfill contracts for and work with government defense departments and companies that share our vision for a safe and prosperous UK.

The MOD works to ensure a secure UK with both global reach and influence, protecting our people, territories and values at home and overseas. Through our exceptionally strong-armed forces, in partnership with allies and with the support of that nation behind them, the MOD ensure we all sleep safely and soundly at night and we are so proud to join their mission statement and contribute to the defense and protection of our nation.

To this end we have secured two 10-year contracts with the MOD that specialize in heavy armour defense. Using our 50 years of expertise, top of the range fabrication and design, we will be creating all new high performance cooling groups to support our brave British troops that are overseas defending the realm. It is an honour to be able to support our country and our troops directly and we look forward to working with the MOD for the foreseeable future, offering and creating the highest quality cooling systems for a range of their vehicles, so we can be assured our troops can keep on moving, even as the world stage is heating up.

Babcock Land Defense Contract

Babcock International is another of those companies with such a wide-ranging effect upon the capacity for our nation to defend itself. A global powerhouse, Babcock also share our vision to help create a safe and secure world, together. So, it is yet another honour for us to be able to work alongside Babcock to remanufacture advanced cooling systems for both medium and heavy armoured vehicles.

Babcock Land Defense plays a vital role in the security of the nation and manage and support the equipment used by the British Army. With a fleet of over 50,000 land vehicles to uphold and maintain, ranging from quad bikes to battle tanks, as well as weapons ranging from pistols to cannons, every aspect of Babcock is an integral cog in the well run and hardened machine that is our British Army.

To help support our troops and meet their immaculate standards they need to meet, Babcock have contracted us out to remanufacture the multiple advanced cooling system components with focus on medium and heavy armour platforms.

With such a high need for expertise, quality and precision, we feel it is our duty in helping this country by ensuring that our troops receive components from us that are perfectly suited for their work in every way.

NAR Group Ltd – Defense Quality Cooling Solutions

As our humble beginnings have grown, our vision has grown with it, and so has our expertise and our workshops. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, to doing better than those who came before us and to improve on what is already there. It is this vision, drive and engineering brilliance that has allowed us to grow into the company we are so proud to be today.

With 55 years of engineering success behind us, with countless contracts and awards under our belt, and the capacity to see our processes through from design, to fabrication and manufacture it is no wonder that still to this day we are the leading manufacturer of cooling components for classic cars. It is from our roots we have grown, and our original love of classic cars is what has allowed us to continue to grow in capacity and knowledge when working with all cooling systems.

This has allowed us to build and deliver every step of the way until we were noticed by the defense industry for our quality, standards and history of expertise. And now, today, we have two 10-year contracts with the MOD and a 7-year contract with Babcock International to create cooling solutions and systems that must be of the highest quality possible. We are perfectly set to create what is needed to support our troops and our military on the ground and overseas, and it will be our honour to carry our expertise and vision forward into the coming years as we support our military, and therefore our nation, together.

We are the UK’s premier manufacturer for replacement radiators and bespoke cooling systems, if our history of achievements and prestige wasn’t enough already, our new contracts are sure to convince you that we are a company you can trust, that will meet the standards you require and beyond that. From precious classic cars, to hard wearing, heavily armoured vehicles, our expertise knows no bounds and we look forward to delivering our engineering solutions for your cooling needs, now and for many years to come.