Here at the NAR group, we provide the complete automotive cooling solution. We began in 1967 as a radiator company based in Northampton. Northampton is home to Silverstone and many motorsport manufacturers. Fast forward to 2011, we set up a vehicles workshop dedicated to the design and installation of complete cooling and HVAC systems. Supported by highly trained and devoted technicians to operate a military-like standard. Since starting up, we have 240k satisfied customers. We are specialists in company & car cooling solutions. All our vehicle cores are hand-built in our very own factory. We design and develop our products to perfectly suit the vehicle they’re fitted to. Here at NAR group, we supply a number of products and services: For more information on our products and services, click here.

Why are radiators important?

A car radiator is the main part of the cooling system. It makes sure that the engine coolant fluid is at the right level. The coolant circulates and keeps the engine components from overheating. Particularly in older cars, all sorts of problems can occur with overheating and coolant systems, when it’s to do with your radiator, they can be hard to replace, here at NAR group we’ve got you covered.

Some recent radiator fittings from 2022.

Below are some pictures of recent radiator installations we fit.

We fit a new aluminium high-efficiency radiator fitted to a 1947 Ford Coupe, powder-coated in black! Our aluminium radiators provide a 40% improvement in heat transfer and 65% reduction in weight compared to the original.

Uprated, high-efficiency, aluminium water radiator fitted to our Jaguar MK2 340 1967. This radiator is handcrafted in our Northampton factory; we have 100% followed the original design to include pressed-end tanks and cast fittings, albeit in Aluminium.

The radiator is 60% lighter than the original copper and brass unit, it offers a 35% uplift in cooling. This car has been upgraded to include air conditioning, it boasts a custom-manufactured AC condenser and cooling fan.

car frontRadiatoropen bonnet

We fitted one of our aluminium radiators for a 1990s Vauxhall touring car preparing for competition.


fitting radiator to racing car

A fitting we did of an aluminium Daimler dart radiator supplied to a customer in Buckingham, who is currently undergoing a full restoration project. Powder coated in black upon request.

radiator in car frontradiator

Electronic cooling components.

For over many years, we have been developing and improving means of effectively reducing or removing heat from high temperature sources of various types.  With our growth in aluminium technology, we have been able to develop more efficient heatsinks than those conventionally used in cooling electronics. We supply the following markets: aerospace, defence, data, avionics, electric & hybrid vehicles, industrial electronics and telecommunications

NAR group vehicle workshop.

Our vehicle workshop is equipped to welcome vehicles that are up to 30 tons. We have fully trained technicians in our department that specialise in Air Conditioning, Mechanical, Hydraulics and Electrical work.

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