There’s always work going on here at NAR Group. Our automotive cooling solutions are renowned across the Uk for our Classic Car work. Older vehicles need specialist cooling work, including remanufacturing, which only trusted providers such as NAR Group can provide. Today, we’d like to walk you through the latest classic car cooling solution work from our workshop and beyond.

Silverstone Car Auction – Classic Car Event

NAR Group is proud to supply remanufactured and bespoke automotive cooling solutions for classic and iconic cars. Recently, we worked on a vehicle featured at the Silverstone Car Auction, which requires a new cooling solution and radiator to ensure it was ready for sale. Check out the pictures here!

Classic Car at AuctionClassic Car at Silverstone AuctionSide Angle of Classic Car at Silverstone AuctionSide Angle of Classic Car at an AuctionInfo of Classic Car at Silverstone Auction

Jaguar XK120 Cooling Repair

Leaky Radiators are a nightmare for classic car owners. They can corrode other costly parts and can be a nightmare to source and replace. That’s where NAR Group steps in to provide our skill and expertise with cooling solutions.

This aluminium-bodied Jaguar XK120 is an incredibly rare vehicle, which often costs a lot of money and time to repair. NAR Group worked closely with the owner to repair the vehicle’s radiator and the rest of the cooling solution. Check out the photos below.

NAR Group team working on Jaguar XK120Our team working on the Jaguar XK120Wide angle of NAR Group team working on Jaguar XK120

Are you interested in our services? Contact NAR Group today for your bespoke cooling solution, or browse our range of classic and modern vehicle parts. Learn more about our automotive cooling solution services in our blogs here.