NAR Group is renowned for its quality, bespoke automotive cooling solutions. We provide essential components for classic cars, motorsports and even the Ministry of Defense. We’ve discussed at length the critical features in our state-of-the-art workshop that allows us to provide the finest cooling solutions around, but how do we make them?

Learn more about our process for creating bespoke automotive cooling solutions at NAR Group below.


The foundation of all of our bespoke cooling solutions is the design process. We provide customised parts and parts for retro vehicles. Deciding on a design or creating a new solution is a lengthy process that requires the skill and expertise only teams like ours at NAR Group can provide.

We use industry-leading tools such as CATIA and SOLID WORKS during our design process to ensure the most satisfactory foundation for our cooling solutions. From here, we run a variety of simulations on high-end technology to find any flaws and maximise the efficiency of your new cooling solution.

Throughout the design process and thorough stress analysis checks via Simulation Express. We work closely with you to provide a bespoke cooling solution that meets your requirements for your automobile.


As we’ve discussed, our workshops are truly impressive. We have a variety of tools and features to provide you with the perfect cooling solution. From Our workshop, we are capable of producing parts of all kinds. We use:

  • XYZ CNC lathe
  • 2 and 5 axis laser cutters
  • Plasma Cutting tools
  • All types of welding
  • A variety of Presses including –
    • Hydraulic presses
    • Brake presses
    • Dual Form press
    • PIERCE-ALL punch press
  • Power guillotines
  • XYZ CNC milling
  • To create bespoke automotive cooling solutions, including radiators and more.

Alongside our tools, we use a camlaw vacuum batch furnace for our small runs and prototyping phase. This helps to reduce production time. For larger batches, we utilise a Seco Warwick. This active, semi-continuous belt cab furnace allows us to create cooling solution parts in batch production volumes.

We combine our batch production capabilities with our multi-functional fin machines, semi-automatic core builders and a fully autonomous drying-fluxing station. As a result, it’s clear to see that only NAR Group can provide you with mass-produced cooling parts at incredible quality.


When purchasing our stock parts for classic vehicles, you can expect the same quality cooling solutions with a uniform design just like the original, if not better! Learn more about our range of classic car parts for sale here.


NAR Group is home to countless decades of experience, alongside the best equipment. We hope this guide has shown you the power of our manufacturing, design and fabrication capabilities for your cooling solutions. Contact us today for your bespoke cooling solutions for any vehicle.