The NAR Group site features a variety of top-quality cooling solutions for countless makes and models of vehicles. From Jaguar to Jenson, our range of radiators are custom built to meet the demands of the car.

When buying a new radiator for your vehicle, there are countless factors to consider to ensure the part works as designed. As leading UK experts in automotive cooling, NAR Group has put together a guide on how to purchase the correct car radiator for your needs below.

Understand the car you’re purchasing for

Radiators are a core component of your vehicle, ensuring optimal temperatures are maintained within the engine. Due to their vital function, each heater is purposefully designed and optimised for each car model.

To ensure you’re purchasing the correct radiator for your car, make sure you fully understand the vehicle you’re buying for. One of the quickest ways to confirm you are purchasing the correct part is to find the OEM number. The OEM number can usually be found on the radiator itself. We also have a parts finder to help you find the correct radiator based on the model and manufacturer of the vehicle.

Different Radiators have different Purposes

We produce a wide variety of radiators for many vehicles. We make multiple types of radiatior, each with a different purpose. An “As Original” radiator is manufactured to the exact specifications and with the same materials as the stock part. An “As Original” Radiator is ideal for keeping the vehicle as close to its initial condition as possible.

However, many older car radiators utilise cast iron, which is heavy and costly. It’ll do the job when it comes to heat dissipation, but there are better solutions. Aluminium radiators are a definite upgrade from a cast-iron counterpart and can help improve thermals at a low cost. We offer aluminium radiators for many vehicles.

This is just one example of how a different radiator can have a different outcome once installed inside your vehicle, even when built to the same specifications. Consider the result you want when purchasing a replacement part from our site.

Additional Cooling Parts may be Required

From heater pipes to oil coolers, the cooling solution of your vehicle is complex and inter-connected. To ensure your new radiator and the car performs optimally, additional parts may be required. Our advanced workshop is capable of producing a variety of parts alongside bespoke cooling solutions. We’re ready to provide you with whichever part you need, so don’t be afraid to get In touch!

NAR Group has over 45 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and repairing of radiators. We offer a wide range of radiators for sale, designed to meet the needs of countless vehicles. Browse our stock today, or learn more about our cooling solution services with more guides like this one.