When you’re looking for a new car part, looks are often brushed aside in the name of practicality. As a leading supplier of bespoke cooling solutions for automobiles, our team at NAR Group are masters of providing practical parts. With the latest update to our state of the art facilities in Northampton, just 20 minutes away from the iconic Silverstone Circuit, we have become masters of presentation too.

Learn all about our new powder coating facilities at NAR Group and the benefits you can expect to see the next time you purchase top quality cooling solutions from us below.

Our New Powder Coating Facilities

NAR Group now offers in-house powder coating on our automotive cooling parts. Our powder coating facilities allow us to paint your products in a wide range of products and finishes before they leave our workshop.

What is Powder coating?

Powder coating is one of the most versatile aluminium surface treatment options in the industry. Powder coating offers numerous aesthetic and functional advantages over other forms of surface treatment, such as painted aluminium.

Benefits of Powder Coating?

Powder coating offers excellent chemical resistance to mortar, alongside the industrial-strength acidic and alkaline cleaners you’ll often find interacting with cooling parts.

Wet paint eventually peels and fades away, no matter the quality of the work completed. With our new powder coating facilities, the quality of the finish on your part will offer strong adhesion and require less maintenance.

The most significant benefits of powder coating appear when you choose NAR Group to powder coat your new radiator. The use of powder coating dramatically improves the radiator’s heat output. Powder coating has a greater emissivity rating than the traditional polished metal of an uncoated radiator. The easier it is for heat to radiate from the surface, the better your cooling solution will perform!

Why Choose NAR Group Powder Coating?

With over fifty years of experience and ISO9001 accreditation, our expertise in bespoke cooling solutions for vehicles is unmatched. We offer a comprehensive suite of car cooling solutions, working with countless high-profile customers in various sectors. In addition, our expertise allows us to executive effective and sleek powder coating services.

In today’s world, NAR Group understands the need for greater environmental awareness. So we are proud to announce that our new powder coating facilities produce no air pollution, thanks to a 99.9% filtration efficiency.


When it comes to powder coating automotive cooling parts and products, NAR Group is the team you need!

We hope this guide has you as excited as we are about our brand new powder coating facilities. To take advantage of our powder coating services for our range of automotive cooling parts, including radiators and more, contact NAR Group today. Then, feel free to read more of our in-depth guides and updates to learn more about our additional services.