The Jaguar E-Type, in the wise yet unconfirmed words of Enzo Ferrari, is the most beautiful car that has ever been made. Considered by many to be one of the finest sports cars of the 1960s, the performance and aesthetics of the E-type were revolutionary.

As these cars age, authenticity in parts is vital. NAR Group now offers an extensive range of authentic replacement parts for Jaguar E-type vehicles as a leading manufacturer of automotive cooling solutions.

Learn more about our new E-type replacement cooling parts and why they’re the right choice for your Jaguar below, with the experts at NAR Group.

V12 Twin Fan Pack Series 3 2+2

The Series 3 E-type was a true speed demon back in the day, thanks to a monstrous 5.3L V12 engine. However, 272hp of V12 power requires extensive cooling, provided by a twin fan pack. Our new replacement twin-fan pack for the Jaguar E-type Series 3 features twin high-performance SPAL fans in a quality aluminium cowl.

We now utilise 60/40 neoprene flaps on our twin fan pack replacements for maximum performance rather than salvaging the original flaps. P clips are also included for easy caballing.

E-Type Series 1 Original

Ask most E-type owners what kind of radiator they’ve got in their forward-opening bonnet. Naturally, it’s going to be copper and brass. However, a select few owners of the original ’61 Series 1 will have a fascinating answer. When first launched, Marston Radiators were commissioned by Jaguar to implement new and exciting technology for the time.

Before 1962, all Jaguar E-types used aluminium radiators! We’ve lovingly recreated the finned radiator aesthetically with substantial improvements made to the lightweight core. The end tanks of this authentic aluminium radiator are machined in house from solid billets before being tig welded. We utilise our new powder-coating facilities to capture an identical finish to the original Marston aluminium radiators.

More Classic Car Parts

NAR Group is home to a wide variety of classic car parts for replacement cooling solutions, designed to offer substantial performance improvements whilst retaining authenticity in aesthetics and design. Our range of Jaguar replacement parts, including the E-type, is extensive. Browse our complete range, organised by make and model, here on our site.


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