The materials we build our world from often go unnoticed. The construction of our automotive cooling solution parts is designed and tested at our state-of-the-art workshop in Northampton. Our team provides your vehicle with quality cooling for an extended period. We utilise 7072 corrosion-resistant aluminium in many of our automotive cooling parts for sale. Learn why 7072 aluminium is the best choice for your vehicle below with the experts at NAR Group.

What is 7072 Aluminium Alloy?

Different metals have their own unique properties, from the conductivity of copper to the lightweight of magnesium. Aluminium can be combined with other metals to create resilient, lightweight and affordable alloys that specialise in specific applications.

The 7072 Aluminium Alloy combines 99% aluminium with 1% zinc. It is part of the “7xxx” class of aluminium alloys, categorised as such for their use of zinc. 7072 is designed for high-strength applications and is highly durable. This durability makes 7072 aluminium a perfect choice for automotive cooling parts.

7072 Aluminium Alloy Specifications

The Aluminium Association sets out 7072 alloy specifications to ensure stringent quality assurance is followed. 7072 aluminium contains anywhere from 0.8-1.3% zinc, leading to a low density of just 2.6-2.8g/cm3. 7072 Aluminium alloy is also incredibly durable for an aluminium alloy, with a shear strength of 62 MPa and an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 75 MPa.

Why use 7072 Aluminium Alloy for Automotive Cooling Parts?

The key benefit of 7072 aluminium alloy for NAR Group is the thermal conductivity it offers. 7072 transfers heat at a rate of 227 W/mK. To visualise, this means that a 1m cube of 7072 alloy would transfer heat at a rate of 227 watts per degree of temperature difference between the opposite faces. This makes 7072 aluminium alloy a superb choice for manufacturing high-quality, efficient cooling solutions for automotive vehicles.

We utilise 7072 aluminium alloy, alongside other alloys from the “7xxx” specification, in a wide variety of our automotive cooling parts for sale. 7072 alloy allows us to provide excellent-quality replacement parts for your vehicle. Many of our cooling parts for sale can even offer superior cooling than the materials used in some original classic car cooling solutions. Our 7072 aluminium alloy cooling systems for sale are designed, tested and manufactured in our leading automotive workshop in Northampton, just outside the renowned Silverstone circuit.


As you can see, 7072 aluminium alloy is the perfect material for your automotive cooling solution, available now at NAR Group. Our expert team has the expertise you need for an efficient automotive cooling system from classic Jaguars to bespoke military vehicles. So contact our team today to procure the perfect automotive cooling parts for sale that you need. Learn more about the excellent services we offer with more guides just like this one.