NAR Group is industry-leading producers of bespoke automotive cooling solutions. This work is done for countless sectors in the automotive industry, from Defence to motorsport. We are fully capable of completing work to a high quality at every step of the cooling solution process including design, manufacturing and installation. Much of this work takes place in our innovative vehicle workshop. Interested in learning more about the capabilities our vehicle workshop has in providing you and your business with the quality bespoke automotive cooling solutions you need? Learn more below with NAR Group.

What is our Vehicle Workshop?

Our vehicle workshop is a multifaceted production area dedicated solely to the design and ultimate installation of complete cooling groups, HVAC systems and electrical instillations into a variety of automotive vehicles. Here, our expert team of fully-trained technicians collaborate closely with our clients and the rest of NAR Group to create a comprehensive, efficient and rigorously

The workshop is dedicated to the design and installation of complete cooling groups, HVAC systems and electrical installations for a variety of sectors.

For example, our continued work for the UK MOD and BAE Land Systems since 2006 directly inspired the creation of our Vehicle Workshop in 2011, wherein we now regularly complete work for the Defence Sector. To read more about our over a decade’s worth of bespoke cooling solution work for the defence sector, including the fitting of complete cooling solutions for the iconic Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance range of vehicles, read our prior article here.

What are the Capabilities of our Vehicle Workshop?

Our vehicle workshop is a highly efficient and innovative development point, wherein countless fully-trained professionals and technicians work with pride and conviction to create some of the first bespoke cooling solutions around for NAR Group’s long list of renowned clients. In our Vehicle workshop, the NAR Group team of technicians are capable of designing, manufacturing and fully installing advanced cooling solutions, including electrical installation, for vehicles of a weight up to 30 tons.

Our vehicle workshop department is staffed by professional technicians who specialise in:

  • Mechanical installations
  • Air Conditioning / HVAC solutions
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electrical installations

In vehicles designed for a variety of purposes, from pedestrian up to the upper echelons of military and motorsport use.


NAR Group hopes this guide has shown you the impressive capacity and quality work that is available in our Vehicle Workshop. If you’re looking to capitalise upon our extensive ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke cooling solutions via our professional team of fully trained – technicians, contact NAR Group today. Otherwise, why not browse our impressive selection of articles or advanced cooling solution products to learn more about our incredible work for a variety of sectors in the automotive range?