NAR Group is proud to be a UK manufacturer of advanced automotive cooling solutions. For over 50 years, we’ve found our home in Northampton, home to the historic Silverstone. UK Manufacturing, especially in the automotive scene, carries a strong legacy we pride in continuing. From our work in the motorsport industry to our work for the defence sector, we continue our legacy and the legacy of UK manufacturing in every radiator and electronic cooling system we create. In 2021, UK manufacturing’s legacy is continuing to grow. Why is this, and what does this mean for NAR Group? Find out in this article.

UK-Manufacturing  News

According to a recent PMI survey, as reported by the BBC, British Manufacturing in all sectors is experiencing growth at the highest it’s been in thirty years. Rather than crippling Britain’sindustries, it seems that UK manufacturing has only grown stronger as COVID comes to an end. With current supply shortages, this news has left many industry experts wondering if suppliers can keep up with the newfound demand brought upon by a revitalized economy.

As the UK manufacturing industry continues to expand, you can expect to find NAR Group right at the forefront.

Why UK-Manufacturing Matters

Whilst NAR Group has continued to grow into a global supplier of advanced cooling solutions for a vast range of vehicles, including classic cars and more, many of our clients are Northampton businesses themselves. Our vehicle workshop may be advanced but, at heart, we’ll always be a proud local business. Trusting local companies, especially for manufacturing, ensures that growth continues to rise. That growth injects funds and jobs into both the local and national economies, sorely needed after this lockdown.

Why Use NAR Group?

As aforementioned, NAR Group is a proud, local UK manufacturer of advanced cooling solutions. Our Vehicle Workshops features the latest equipment and testing facilities. We are capable of providing high-quality radiators and other cooling parts to a wide range of vehicles. From the lightning-fast sportscars going down Brands Hatch to the classic Aston Martins at roadshows, we are fully capable of providing a cooling solution that works for you and your vehicle.

Not only are we fully proficient in creating advanced automotive cooling solutions thanks to our over fifty years of experience, but we’re also still ready to provide that local connection.  When you work with international manufacturing, you can face a whole slew of problems. Communications become heavily constrained by language barriers and the cold turning cogs of a corporate machine. Here at NAR Group – we work with you. We pride ourselves on solid communication that fosters even stronger relationships.

We hope this guide has shown you the continued importance and rising growth of UK manufacturing. Are you interested in an advanced cooling solution for your vehicle or vehicles? Contact NAR Group today.